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Application Server Infrastructure.




All SAP products based on SAP NetWeaver rely on the application server platform, which comes in the flavors ABAP only, Java only, or dual stack (ABAP + Java). In all cases, the application server contains infrastructure components. Some of them are restricted to one stack, some are used by both stacks.


The task of the server infrastructure components is to provide a reusable runtime environment for other SAP components and applications. The focus is on optimizing operating system resources (CPU, memory, etc.) in terms of performance, scalability, and robustness. In addition to components in the SAP kernel, there are programs that regulate data traffic in the network, such as SAProuter and SAP Web Dispatcher, as well as smaller monitoring and test programs.




The following server infrastructure components are used either in all system types (ABAP only, Java only, and dual-stack) or for ABAP or Java only:


ABAP, Java and Dual Stacks (Abap and Java):

  • 1. Internet Communication Manager: serves as entry point of the application server for HTTP(S) requests.


  • 2. Locking concept including Standalone Enqueue Server: provides the locking infrastructure and can be made highly available with the enqueue replication server.


  • 3. SAP Web Dispatcher: provides loadbalancing for web requests
  • Message Server - is the communication hub for all instances within one system.


  • 4. Gateway - serves as interface for RFC communication (with other instances, systems, or external programs).


  • 5. SAProuter - ensures network security between LAN and WAN.


  • 6. Network technology like IPv6 support and reverse invoke.
  • Start service - starts and controls the instance.


  • ABAP Only (ASCS):


  • 1. Monitoring and administration transactions like SM51, SM50, ST22, STMS, SMICM, SM04, SM12 SCOT.


2. Memory Management via transaction ST02.


Java only (SCS):


  • 1. Startup framework for Java like start, stop and montitors the Java Instances.


  • 2. SAPJVM: The Java virtual machine for Java is especially crafted for SAP's needes. The JVM is the base technology for the whole SAP NetWeaver Java stack.




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