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NetWeaver Distribution Models.




To derive the right deployment option three architectural decisions have to be taken: 


1. Decision: Centrally Shared vs. Local Redundant Use.


Providing a certain set of SAP NetWeaver capabilities centrally and shared by multiple application systems is a typical pattern that is seen in system landscapes. The following advantages are related to this strategy:


a. Achieve cost reduction by sharing the set of capabilities.


b. Drive standardization and consolidation by deploying the capabilities centrally rather than locally in multiple application systems.


c. Combine innovation and stability by providing new or updated functionality centrally that might or might not to be consumed by the multiple local application systems.


2. Decision: Jointly vs. Separately Deployed.


SAP NetWeaver in general provides the possibility to jointly deploy different capabilities, such as SAP NetWeaver Portal or SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence in the same system. By contrast, you can also deploy capabilities in separate systems, if this flexibility is needed by your landscape design.


3. Decision: Integrated vs. Separated Technology Stacks.


Some SAP NetWeaver capabilities are pure JAVA based, some require pure ABAP, some require both (such as SAP NetWeaver Process Integration). All three technical deployment options are supported by the SAP NetWeaver Application Server today. However, if you have the flexibility to choose an option among these three possibilities, the pros and cons have carefully to be considered.




In this page you will explore different scenarios of SAP Landscapes that I have designed/involved and implemented.

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